Donald Trump – Drive to Achieve

Donald Trump’s signature is dynamic and driving throughout all the strokes. Angles

in connective strokes indicate drive to achieve; too many (as can be seen along

the base line of his signature) denotes tension, indicating that Donald has a good

deal of tension in his personality.

M’s and N’s represent how you think: Donald’s m’s and n’s are needle pointed, indicating sharp, comprehensive thinking. Who finishes sentences for others? Donald. Who is three steps ahead of most? Donald.

T-bars represent willpower. Donald’s top T-bar is a pile driver, indicating indomitable willpower. His t-bar flies over his t-stem, indicating visionary goals. The t-bar on the second line of his text angles downward, indicating his need to be in charge.

Donald’s left margin drifts to the right, indicating enthusiasm and a desire to move toward his future. The stick-like stroke in the ‘p’ of his family name is an argumentative stick stroke: Who gets in the last word? Donald.


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