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“The Power of the Pen” is known as “The Funniest Damn Thing You’ll Ever See!”.  My talk is guaranteed to have everyone laughing and learning how to communicate more effectively with others through knowing what the strokes of handwriting mean.  It is an entirely new ‘slant’ on Leadership, Motivation, Customer Service, Aptitudes, Team Building and Relationships, as reflected through the strokes of handwriting.  The one-page Handwriting Profiles I provide are the most personal take-home gift for your guests.

Your handwriting is much more than those marks you make on paper!  You will uncover ‘secrets’ contained within your own handwriting that may well surprise you!  After my presentation, you will never look at a note from a job candidate, a family member or a colleague in the same way.  ‘Reading between the lines’ when you receive that written fax, letter or note will give you valuable insights to enhance your understanding and communication with friends and business associates.  You’ll also be able to easily identify leadership strengths and other personality strengths in your own writing.

I also distribute Callirobics, a handwriting exercise program combining graphics and music to help children with their handwriting.  I received my certification through the International Graphoanalysis Society of Chicago and also the American Handwriting Analysis Foundation, a handwriting analysis association in the United States. I’ve been helping companies with their executive hiring decisions for thirteen years, am a former Dale Carnegie Instructor, have trained with “The Second City” and entertain at over 300 events every year.

I’ve been a guest on numerous television and radio shows, including the CBC’s Steve & Chris Show, the Dini Petty Show, the Mike Bullard Show, Canada A.M., Global News at Noon, CHCH News Toronto and Edmonton, Rogers “Daytime”, CFRB’s Ted Woloshyn Show and Jerry Agar Show, CHFI’s “Chronicle” and “Sunday Sunday”, CBC’s “Fresh Air” and more.

Elaine Charal

Your Own Handwriting Profile

Having your own Handwriting Profile gives you a real ‘paper mirror’ of your personality, and is a wonderful self-awareness gift not only for you, but as a birthday or special occasion gift for your friends and family. Simply download and fill out the form below, and e-mail the scanned sample of the handwriting, and you will receive a 2-3 page personal Handwriting Profile. Cost for each Profile is $10 (Canadian) which would include shipping and handling.

Sample 1-Page Handwriting Profile (actual size 8 1/2 x 14”)

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