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“I have to single out the best company handout at a trade show that I’ve ever seen: It made sure I will never forget the company’s name or the experience. Rainbow Mississauga Ltd. Had Elaine Charal, Certified Graphologist entertaining delegates with a one-on-one handwriting analysis. I can still remember the Rainbow mission statement I wrote to have my handwriting analyzed!!”

​— Joe Baker

“Condo News”

“Elaine’s presence created more traffic at our booth than anyone else’s booth at the conference and as a result I could talk to more people and generate more leads than if she hadn’t been there.”

​— Robert Masotti, Senior Vice-President, Sales

The Learning Library, Inc.

“After the first morning of the conference, Elaine was the talk of the exhibits, which attracted more delegates to our booth, allowing us the opportunity to engage additional customers in business discussions."

​— Teresa Forrest, Communications Manager

Johnson & Johnson Medical Products

“Elaine helped attract people to our booth. She is so well recognized that attendees would come back and visit the booth again to wait for their handwriting analysis, providing another chance for follow-up.”

​— Anne Parker, Manager of Corporate Sales
Living Arts Centre Mississauga

“When inviting Elaine to do analyses at our booth, I’m searching for a draw for people to come, stay and talk to us for a few minutes. Elaine fulfills that purpose because people get an immediate ‘return on their investment’. People will line up which gives us 5-10 minutes to talk to them. In addition, it gives attendees something on Green Shield’s letterhead to take away with them and talk about. An important purpose of having a booth is to gain recognition for Green Shield and to help the attendees think of me and of my services. Anything I can give them that is a reminder of the company achieves that purpose; having Elaine at the booth reinforces that desire. Even if they don’t stop, they look to see what it’s all about; these people are the ones who come back and say, “I hear you have...” and stay to network.”

​— Jim Bates, Director of Sales and Marketing
Green Shield Canada

“Elaine’s presence generated interest and provided an additional reason for attendees to be drawn into our booth. People came to our booth and, once there, Elaine’s presence drew them in and made a valuable, lasting impression.”

​— Lisa Grech, Sales Manager

Kingsbridge Centre, King City

“Elaine’s presence helps attract attendees to the booth for longer periods of time. Elaine’s idea to use Marriott letterhead and to customize a sentence geared to our hotel for the analysis gave people a personalized, special ‘gift’ to take away with them.”

​— Patricia Hartery, Sales Manager
Toronto Marriott Eaton Centre Hotel

“Elaine certainly helped increase attendance to our booth and also generated a lot of attention.  People lining up to speak with her enhanced our opportunity to speak with the show participants.”

​— Vicky Riley Keyes, Director of Sales & Marketing

Radisson Plaza Hotel Admiral Toronto

Elaine's Trade Show Entertainment

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1001, 1002, 1003, 1004: that’s how many seconds you have to catch the eye of a new client...

...my presence at your booth can extend that time to over ten minutes—valuable time to generate leads with potential new buyers.

Results Count...ask Elaine’s Clients:

  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Green Shield Canada
  • Radisson Plaza Hotel Admiral
  • Toronto Marriott Eaton Centre
  • Kingsbridge Centre
  • The Learning Library, Inc.

All agree that once attendees find your booth, they will stay!

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All Clients and Potential Buyers receive a personalized handwriting analysis on your letterhead; they write a customized sentence geared to your products, services or mission statement.

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