"THANK YOU for making our event memorable and fun.

You are not only a certified graphologist but also an exceptional keynote speaker, a seasoned entertainer, an accomplished comedienne, the perfect ice-breaker for a diverse group and a good mind-reader.

The group has not stopped talking about your presentation and word is spreading. You will definitely get calls from other Alliance Atlantis departments as my folks are making others green with envy."

​— Donna M. Bevelander, Senior VP, Engineering and Broadcast Operations, Alliance Atlantis


Elaine is Your Best Entertainment Choice!


(Change your writing, Change Your Life!)

A Unique ‘Slant’ on Team Building, Communications, Sales, Customer Service


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You’ve ‘done’ the Colours and Rope Team Building things and are asking ‘What’s next?’“The Power of the Pen” (Different Strokes for Different Folks) is the next dimension: Sharing the positive strengths and talents in everyone’s writing will keep building your team’s spirit, camaraderie, and have everyone learning about each other! It’s simple, fun, and it works!! Elaine’s looks at the nuances within everyone’s writing and reveals positive strengths, talents and the secrets behind the strokes! Strengths and talents within everyone’s writings will be equal to and beyond what was revealed through Colours or Myers-Briggs.

"Elaine Charal's "Power of the Pen" is guaranteed to have everyone laughing while they discover how to communicate even more effectively with team members, co-workers, associates, clients and friends through knowing what the strokes of handwriting mean. Everyone will also learn about their own strengths as reflected in their handwriting. "The Power of the Pen" best fits under the category of "Something Different", "Communication" and a special form of “Team Building”. Elaine will be the hit of your event, whether your theme is Customer Service, Leadership, Team Building, or Sales! Elaine is guaranteed to make you look good—she’s the most entertaining, humourous Speaker you’ll ever find!

Elaine can do individual one-page Handwriting Profiles for all or part of your group as the most perfect and personal take-home gift. Alternatively she can arrive early to individual analyses before and after the event—people love to share what the 'paper mirror' their writing is with everyone—the perfect ice-breaker leading up to the "Power of the Pen"! Elaine is a sure thing—perfect for every event!

Elaine has been a Professional Speaker for over ten years, and has done "The Power of the Pen" for large, medium and small groups. Elaine is a Certified Handwriting Analyst who helps companies with their hiring decisions based on reports from the Candidates' handwriting. She markets "Callirobics", a handwriting exercises kit that combines music and graphics to help children and adults with their fine motor control skills and their writing. Elaine has appeared on CBC's Steve & Chris Show, the Mike Bullard Show, Breakfast Television in Toronto and Edmonton, Canada AM, Global News at Noon, CHCH News at Noon, "Always Good News" with Connie Smith, Ed the Sock, CTV News at Noon in Kitchener and Edmonton, "Urban Rush" in Vancouver, CFRB's Ted Woloshyn Show, CBC's "Fresh Air", CFRB's Jerry Agar show, CHCH’s “Dateline”, and many more!

Elaine entertains at well over 300 Events per year!


“The Power of the Pen” is my humorous, interactive, upbeat Motivational Keynote Talk, perfect for conferences, sales meetings, trade shows, luncheons, dinners, etc., entertainment guaranteed to have everyone laughing and enjoying. Handwriting is also a wonderful team building tool for your staff.


Handwriting Analysis is an excellent tool when it comes to hiring employees. You will clearly be able to see whether the person is service-oriented, sales-oriented, full of dynamism, whether the person has initiative, determination, and so much more!


Handwriting is a real paper mirror of your personality. Viewing someone’s Handwriting and knowing what the strokes of that handwriting mean can empower you to enhance your communication with that person.

E-mail Elaine at elainecharal@me.com